We build your design

Our modern workshop facilities are set up for efficient fabrication of steel & piping structures and sheet metal compositions. We operate a wide range of quality machinery for cutting, pressing, bending, shearing, welding and benefit from the teamwork with experienced engineers of our parent company Focus Engineering.

Whether you need piping structures for the oil & gas industry, a tailor made crane or floating houses, we build YOUR design.

Our experience from high quality fabrication in Norway combined with the positive workmanship and the beneficial cost-level in Vietnam, makes us the perfect choice for your production!

Focus Construction provides high quality fabrication of steel & piping at a very competitive cost level

Our experience with high quality fabrication in Norway in combination with the positive workmanship as well as the beneficial cost-level in Vietnam, makes us a good choice for your production!

Our Fabrication Managers have Vietnamese background and extensive working experience from Norway – mainly from the Oil & Gas industry. Fluent Norwegian and Vietnamese are key factors ensuring a good communication between our two locations. Understanding the Vietnamese language and culture is also important when training new employees.

Our parent company, Focus Engineering, mainly work within the Oil & Gas industry and have built up their skills and experiences from over more than 30 years of projects. Together we are your one stop shop supplier of engineering and production services.

“During my 30 years as a structural engineer and structural discipline lead within the Oil & Gas industry, I have noticed the high quality of engineering and fabrication work in Norway as well as the positive attitude and high-level workmanship performed by Vietnamese welders. Now, we can offer you this combination and ensure high quality at competitive prices. Welcome to Focus Construction!”

Hans Håkon Norr, Managing Director.