Surface Treatment

The rumor says we deliver the highest quality powder coating service in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam!

Our powder coating system is approved by Jotun, Interpon, AkzoNobel. With this 3-line powder coating system we are ready to meet all our customers requirements.

We have the expertise and the equipment to sandblast very large objects of all shapes and sizes – preparing them for a fresh coat of paint, or a custom coating.

The scale, capacity and locality of our facilities ensure we provide a cost effective and efficient shot blasting service. Shot blasting is used to prime and clean surfaces, remove rust, scale old coatings to expose clean bare metal – ready for subsequent treatment.

We are committed to provide high quality galvanizing services to meet customers requirements, specification and on-time delivery.

We know that our customers expect the highest quality for them to provide safe and long-lasting structures for years to come.

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